About Us

Privacy On Top is a product brought to you by a newly born startup - Open Netware.

Based in Mumbai, India, Open Netware is founded by two enthusiastic and wise entrepreneurial minds viz. Sameer Kulkarni and Mangesh Bhamre.

There is a squad of 6 people following Sameer and Mangesh; each one expertising in various fields such as development, design, marketing etc.

Sameer Kulkarni, CEO, Open Netware

Sameer Kulkarni

Co-founder & CEO

Mangesh Bhamre, CTO, Open Netware

Mangesh Bhamre

Co-founder & CTO

Our Team

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure we only hire the best. Talent goes beyond a keen eye for design or a qualification on a piece of paper. As cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe what we do, we're enthusiastic and take pride in doing the best work we can.

Let's hear the story behind

What problem we saw ?

Internet is basic need and we use it everyday. Internet comes with its pros and cons and have changed the way we exchange data. More and more personal info is getting leaked out as one uses internet and this is getting recorded by someone. There are tools and apps available to improve online privacy, however there is no simple way to get privacy on all devices.

  1. No centralized way to get online privacy
  2. Each device needs to have some kind of app/installation if we wish to stay secure
  3. Management cost of protecting all devices is high
  4. There are devices which connect to Internet, however there is no control over installing any security software. e.g. TV, XBOX, Apple TV, Chromecast and other boxed devices.

What we did about the problem?

We built firmware for Wi-Fi router that provides Online Privacy and Security. All the devices gets protection once they connect to Wi-Fi router that provides privacy service.

How did we do it ?

Mangesh and Sameer entrepreneurs are technology enthusiast and have built android apps in past. During their research they came across OpenWRT and linux distribution for Wi-Fi router. Good amount of research went into open source and open standards(DNS, OpenDNS, DNSCrypt, TOR) to build prototype OS that could solve privacy and security problem. This research was done on routers which was supported by OpenWRT. Wi-Fi routers that are available in market are reprogrammable and we wanted to leverage that.

How we made it easy for user?

We wanted to make it easy for users to install the system. Android app was preferred option that we chose due to its fast development, wide platform availability and our existing android experience. We built generic android framework that could detect the router and guide user to setup firmware. Support was then expanded to 7 more routers.