Privacy On Top Provides

Online Privacy
Using Tor on router

Online Security
Protecting you against phishing sites

Centralized approach
For privacy and security to all connected devices

Router hardening
Protects you from common attacks

What is Privacy On Top?

Privacy On Top Pre-Installed Routers

NEXX WT3020 with Privacy On Top, travel tor router View Details
Price 70
shipment cost extra
D-Link  DIR-505 with Privacy On Top, travel tor router View Details
D-Link DIR-505
Price 70
shipment cost extra
TP-Link TL-WR1043ND with Privacy On Top, tor router View Details
TP-Link TL-WR1043ND
Price 175
shipment cost extra

Already own one of these router?

Why use Privacy On Top


Online privacy

Protect your online activities from your ISP and other entities


Access dark web

Access dark web with the help of TOR network


Uncensored internet access

Access any blocked content and websites


Speed up your internet

Using OpenDNS on open SSID, you can get faster internet


Provides online security

Using OpenDNS & DNSCrypt to protect you from phishing and malware attacks


Block phishing websites

Protect yourself from phishing attacks by blocking bad websites


Router hardening

With securely configured OpenWRT provides strong passwords, Higher Wi-Fi security standards (WPA2-AES)


Multiple Wi-Fi (SSIDs)

Using Web Admin Panel, you can configure more SSIDs for creating guest network, private network etc.